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Feb 28, 2018· Whether or not a minimum distance must be maintained in relation to the boundary of houses when farmers or agricultural contractors are spreading slurry was raised recently in a parliamentary question. Fine Gael TD for Longford-Westmeath Peter Burke called on the Minister for Housing, Planning and ...

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Nov 21, 2012· how far from a house can farmer spray pig slurry. Ask Your Own UK Law Question. ... There are no rules on distance from a property. However under section 79 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, local authorities have a duty to take reasonably practicable steps to investigate complaints of various nuisances, including "any dust, steam ...

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Farmers are reminded to minimise odour when spreading organic manure (slurry, manure, biosolids, green waste and composts) on farmland. ... Odour and organic manure spreading. ... Biosolids and their processing are closely regulated within the UK.

Spreading slurry in the middle of a holiday season stinks

Jul 25, 2016· Spreading slurry in the middle of a holiday season stinks, writes Damien Enright. Saturday, July 16, the middle of the summer season. Our London friends have swopped a cottage for their London home.

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion: Laws facts about Slurry Spreading Ireland: There are more cows in Ireland than people. The laws on slurry spreading in Ireland. If only because of the fear of fines and EU laws, most farmers in Ireland can be considered as …

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Slurry or muck-spreading is the catch all term we use for any organic material being put onto farm land. This can be animal manure (including human waste from sewage works) or waste plant material from other industries (such as the solid waste from the distillery process). If you are experien

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Precautions when spreading manure and slurry. ... The location of the fields where the slurry or manure will be applied, the direction and strength of the wind, and the distance from houses are all extremely important to get enough dilution and dispersal of the odour and so avoid problems.

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Mar 26, 2015· Freeboard is the vertical distance between the crest of your tank or lagoon and the slurry surface. ... Spreading slurry. ... To help us improve GOV.UK, we'd like to know more about your visit ...

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Jul 19, 2012· minimum Distance of livestock building to a dewlling ... If challenged, they have to back down on that, but there IS a minimum distance for muck heaps, slurry tanks etc. which from memory is 200 metres, so be careful. 18-07-12, 09:03 PM #4. Russell B. Guest Re: minimum Distance of livestock building to a dewlling ...

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Prevailing winds can carry these odours some distance across fields and into residential areas. The spreading of pre-treated sewage sludge and the incorporation of manure into agricultural land is a perfectly lawful activity and considered the best environmental option for disposal of such wastes and is approved by the DEFRA code of practice.

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Slurry will be allowed to be spread up to the 15 th of October and FYM is allowed up to the 1 st of November of this year. If we get a dry spell of weather now there will be a mad frenzy of slurry spreading in the country. There are certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to when spreading slurry.

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Apr 02, 2014· Page 7- spreading slurry Farming & Forestry. spreading slurry. uses cookies. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. ... It was proven by the EPA that it was slurry contaminated we live on a hill and the well is up behinnd our house, the septic tank is at the front so unless overflow from the septic ...

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The knowledge and experience Alligator has from gained from 20 years of working with umbilical slurry has seen us involved in many various differing contracts from the design and fabrication of bespoke spreading systems to being involved in the design and installation of digestate storage lagoons and looking forward to the continuing work with ...


FOR GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICE REGULATIONS 30-01 01/08 10,000 Brunswick Press Ltd. (20309) Page ... spread only as much fertiliser as their crops need. Secondly, fertilisers must not be spread at times ... l If soiled water is stored together with slurry, or if it becomes mixed with slurry…

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Managing slurry on farms Introduction Incidents involving slurry occur regularly on farms in Great Britain. These incidents include people, not just farmers, being overcome by toxic gases, drowning as a result of a fall into slurry or liquid stores, or being injured from the collapse of structures containing slurry.

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Used Farm Machinery for Sale | UK and Ireland . Below is a varied selection of used farm machinery and agricultural equipment currently available for sale, including ex demo and second hand machinery. Many of our products are in new / mint condition and sold with a warranty in place.

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Local Planning Guidance Notes No 21 - Space Around Dwellings. This guidance note amplifies policies in development plans on residential amenity. It applies to the construction and conversion of new houses and will form a material consideration in the determination of all relevant planning applications.

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SCOTLAND, UK - National Farmers Union Scotland has been working with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) on assisting those livestock farmers in non-NVZ areas who are struggling to store and spread slurry in the ongoing wet weather. With some areas having received 200 per cent of ...

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PEPFAA DOs AND DON'Ts GUIDE – SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION SECTION 1 ... Maintain a suitable distance from any watercourse including ditches (e.g. 10m) or drinking water supplies ... spraying, fertiliser spreading and applying slurry to land can all contribute to diffuse pollution. Run-off from farm roads and yards, the surface of fields,

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Teagasc advice for slurry spreading is as follows: Spread most of the slurry produced on the farm in the spring when weather conditions favour it most, rather than after silage has been cut in the ...

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10.7 Over 50% of the total ammonia loss occurs within one day of spreading the slurry on the land, and is negligible after 5 days. Loss is influenced by a range of factors, notably soil conditions, slurry type and composition, type of cropping and weather conditions such as rainfall, windspeed and temperature.

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The dos and don'ts of slurry spreading 2016-02-20. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) has indicated that under the Nitrates Directive, spreading organic manures using the jetter that some slurry tankers have is forbidden.

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Jan 09, 2015· Roots can commonly extend a distance of two and a half times the height of the tree. However, differing opinion places this figure at 1.5 times, and up to 3 times the height. Using canopy spread. Measure canopy spread (the reach of the branch and leaf canopy of the tree), of which the root system can reach 2-3 times the drip line.

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Apr 17, 2017· My neighbour spread slurry and ruined the road - what can I do? ... There are no regulations specifying the distance within which spreading of organic fertiliser can occur in relation to a …

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Jul 28, 2019· Hi All, Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the regulations about spreading slurry. ie distance from houses, wells etc etc-Thanks!! Colonel Saunders Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 has to be 50 yards from a dwelling house.

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The Planning (General Development) Amendment Order (Northern Ireland) 2005, came into operation on 24 th October 2005 and provides for a new time limited maximum ground area of 600 square metres for a building, or excavation used or to be used for the storage of slurry or manure or, by a building for the accommodation of livestock and storage of slurry or manure.

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slurry must not be spread within 10m of a watercourse, 20m of a lake and 50m of a borehole, spring or well; slurry must be spread using inverted splash plates, trailing shoe, trailing hose, soil injection or soil incorporation methods, sludgigators must not be used under any circumstances